Our Faculty

We have taught poise and self respect through dance classes in Tampa for over 12 years. With some of the brightest talent in the area, the Srishti's faculty treat each dancer like family.

We currently have 8 instructors teaching more than 30 classes per week. Srishti has received numerous Entertainment Awards for Choreography and Costume Design. We have two Studio-wide recitals one in winter and one at the end of each year, an event our students enjoy immensely.

Swapna Komarraju

"Dance is an expression of life in all its forms"

Founder and director of Srishti Dance Academy, Swapna Komarraju, has been training since she was three years old. She's professionally trained in the classical dance forms of popular Kuchipudi and AndhraNatyam styles. She has been givimg several performances in India as well as in the United States and has started this academy as a way to introduce various Indian dance forms, helping us get closer to our culture. With her keen interest in various dance forms, she has an open attitude for anything new and loves to experiment with different styles in her performances.

Her Gurus have been great inspirations throughout her quest for dance: Dr.Nataraja Ramakrishna, Dr. Shoba Naidu and Sri. Sudhakar & Smt. Ratna Sri.

Meha Agarwal (Kathak)

Meha has been dancing since age of 4yrs, trained in kathak dance form from lucknow gharana. As a committed instructor she is keen to share her passion for dance with all her students.

Khushbu Panchal (Bollywood)

Khushbu carries passion dedication towards dance with full commitment. She is classical trained in Bharatnatyam, she has lot of experience in experiementing other dance styles and fusing them together.

Monica Banerjee (Bollywood)

Monica is well trained in Odissi dance form and she attended multiple worshops in contemporary dance form from the famous Terrence lewis dance academy. She has lot of enthusiasm to learn new dance styles everytime, apart from this is also a good event organizer.

Gauri Kukreja

Being born and brought up in USA she is so close to her roots and have passion towards her culture, traditions and dance. She is trained in bhangra, Kathak, salsa and was part of her college bhangra team too.

Manisha Yerramsetty

Dancing since the age of 5, she started off with bharatanatyam and being trained in shiamak davar's academy for multiple styles like bollywood,hip hop,contemp etc. Love to fuse and experiment with different styles. She like to express her passion towards dance by bringing the stage alive with dance.

Darshan Vala (Bhangra)

Darshan has been doing bhangra more than 8yrs now and won many awards at various competitions, he is a member of Florida bhangra crew.He performed at various big venues like california, Canada for their bhangra competitions. His passion towards bhangra made him come into Srishti and spread/share his love for bhangra through teaching.

Briti Sen Chakraborty

She is trained in Kathak in Kala kshetra style and have masters in it. She is very bubbly and has an awesome energy, loves to dance bollywood, Kathak and all other dance styles. "music is all around us.. and all I do is try to paint them with my feet. I'm alive when I dance"..that's her philosophy of life and dance.

Jadisia circhlow

Classically trained by Guru Rajesh Seenath in Trinidad and Tobago for almost 11 years. She wants to continue her pursuit of dance at an academic level as well.